Reader comments

Victoria M
Community dietitian
This is such a brilliant publication, I believe that all the contributors are trustworthy and of a high calibre. I feel that the articles are interesting and relevant. It is well written, well laid out and although it is professional it is also easy to read. Well done!

Geoffrey Cannon
Nutrition Journalist
I am very impressed by Network Health Dietitians. It is smart, sharp and interesting. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Margaret R. Ritchie
Researcher and Lecturer
NHD is absolutely superb and what a privilege it is to be included in such an outstanding journal that links academic worlds with the real world. I am enjoying reading the articles and I am delighted to have been able to contribute.

Lauren H
Diabetes dietitian
Network Health Dietitians is a fantastic magazine which provides a good overview of topical issues.

Kathy Cowbrough
Freelance dietitian
This is a great magazine, very readable articles from different health professionals as well as dietitians. A good resource.

Nicky Mendoza
NHD is entertaining as well as informative; based in the real world.

Laura D
Student Dietitian
Good info from outside the box. Very useful to see what the rest of the world thinks.

Katrina H
Dietetic assistant
It is a brilliant publication which I greatly enjoy reading.

Lydia D
Student Dietitian
Excellent - I always look forward to a copy. A great supplement to studies and I will keep reading once qualified.

Bill Macnab
Director, Vitalfo
As a relatively small specialist company, Vitaflo has to move forward with care. Over the past year and a half we have seen significant increases in business and a growing awareness of the Vitaflo Brand and our products. NHD magazine has made a great contribution to building our growing market presence.

Claire W
Good selection of articles and contributors. Well done!

Eileen D
Dietetic Manager
Always topical, relevant, and interesting. A good way of keeping up with clinical practice and other specialty areas.

Andrew L
Research Manager
Range of features is excellent and very topical for current day practice.

Rebecca L
Respiratory Dietitian
I really enjoy reading NHD and find the articles interesting and relevant.

Carole M
I just want to say how fab I think the mag is. I really look forward to it coming through my door monthly.

Clare P
Renal dietitian
Very readable, topical and interesting.

Suzanne H
Renal dietitian
Keep up the good work!

Eileen P
A really interesting and informative read.

Alicja S
Senoir dietitian
A good informative read.

Sophie G
Great magazine - always has lots of interesting articles and information.

Lesley H
Dietetic manager