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NH-eNews Bulletin 15/09/2020
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Healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy could lead to healthier children
New research shows improving the lifestyle of women with obesity during pregnancy could mean long-term cardiovascular benefits for their children.

Binge-drinkers' brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others
New research shows that binge-drinkers' brains have to put more effort into trying to feel empathy for other people in pain.

Gen Z not ready to eat lab-grown meat
New research found that, despite having a great concern for the environment and animal welfare, 72 percent of Generation Z were not ready to accept cultured meat - defined in the survey as a lab-grown meat alternative produced by in-vitro cell cultures of animal cells, instead of from slaughtered animals.

Vitamin D levels may predict future health risks, death in older men
A new breakthrough indicates that free, circulating vitamin D levels in the bloodstream may be a good predictor of future health and disease risk in aging men

Ultra-processed foods may accelerate biological aging
A study links the consumption of ultra-processed foods with the shortening of the body’s telomeres.


NH-eNews Bulletin 08/09/2020
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