Senior Dietitian-Leicestershire-Weight-Management-Service- Public Health

**Senior Dietitian - Public Health Leicestershire Weight Management Service**

Leicestershire County Council is looking for a dynamic professional to work within its newly formed internal Weight Management Service. This is a key role in the service which sits at the heart of the department's integrated lifestyle system. The post holder will have the opportunity to be a key part of the service's management team, taking responsibility for specific areas within the service. The ideal candidate will have excellent attention to detail along with strong interpersonal and communication skills with an ability to work independently using their own initiative.

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Leicestershire Weight Management Service- Public Health

Job Title

Senior Dietitian






Integrated Lifestyle Service- Public Health


County Hall

Responsible To

Integrated Lifestyle Manager

Responsible For


Closing Date

29th June 2020

Key Relationships/ Liaison with

  • To work within the public health team providing a variety of healthy lifestyle and weight management services.
  • Senior medical, nursing, Allied Health Professional staff and other senior health professionals in primary and secondary care teams
  • GPs and Practice Based teams
  • Local authority staff and voluntary agencies
  • Various departments within local authority

Job Purpose

The post holder will work as a member of the Leicestershire County Council Public Health team to deliver community-based activities in a variety of settings to promote positive changes to dietary behaviour for the residents of Leicestershire. The post holder will deliver, evaluate and continually develop locally based adult and children’s weight management programmes. This will include delivering and evaluating lifestyle interventions to groups, individuals and health professionals across Leicestershire. This may involve training and resource development. The post holder will utilise several different communication methods such as web based, app support, telephone support and face to face contact to provide expert nutrition advice.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. To contribute to the operational management and supervision of the dietetic team who work with staff across Leicestershire to promote evidence-based weight management programmes
2. To make an active contribution to the planning, delivery and assessment of the pre-registration training of dietitians and nutritionists.
3. To take part in recruitment and selection and induction of staff, as required
4. To contribute to service developments / initiatives as part of the strategic vision for Leicestershire Weight Management Service
5. To work as an expert in weight management and identifying new areas of strategy in this area and inform / share local and national developments across the service
6. To provide nutritional and dietary counselling with patients/clients and to use behaviour change skills to overcome barriers to change, particularly where there is non- compliance
7. To attend multi-professional meetings when appropriate to provide nutrition and dietetic advice regarding the provision of weight management for patients/clients
8. To develop interventions to deliver the weight management service in group settings
9. To produce and deliver appropriate evidence-based training to support the delivery of effective weight interventions to health care workers and others working in the field of obesity reduction e.g. health trainers, physical activity coordinators
10. To promote and be responsible for appropriate and best practice / evidence-based advice on nutrition and dietetic issues and ensure this is received by patients, clients and health professionals
11 .To be responsible for ensuring that appropriate advice is given to relevant services / teams / departments across primary care (e.g. GPs and other primary care staff, Physical activity coordinators, health trainers).
12. To carry out nutritional assessments involving the use of anthropometric measures
13. To be responsible for the production and review of clinical guidelines, audit and specific projects to inform best practice / evidence-based practice
14. To be responsible for the production and review of specific literature and resources, including website content, to ensure that this is non-biased and best practice / evidence-based practice
15. To co-ordinate practice, achievement and the audit / evaluation and review of the professional standards, protocols and policies set by the Leicestershire Weight Management Service
16. To be responsible for specific aspects of the planning, delivery and assessment of the Leicestershire programme for pre-registration training of dietitians and nutritionists.
17. To undertake needs assessment, delivery and evaluation of lifestyle programmes
18. To be responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of nutrition and dietetic input into pre-registration and post-registration training of other professionals
19. To ensure collection of accurate statistical information and to ensure that recording systems are completed according to the service standards.
20. To promote safe caseload / workload management, using appropriate assessment, organisational, time management and reporting skills
21. Personal:

  • To maintain and demonstrate a personal development plan to ensure continued professional development.
  • To meet targets agreed in personal development plan.
  • To identify training and development needs to ensure continued professional development.
  • To ensure that clinical supervision needs are met.
  • To demonstrate responsibility for managing workload and meeting targets.
  • To ensure that practice complies with the professional code of conduct.
  • To maintain professional registration with the HCPC.

22. Responsible for protecting and managing information securely, and reporting breaches or suspected information security breaches, in line with Council policies.

Special Factors

  • The nature of the work may involve the jobholder carrying out work outside of normal working hours eg late evenings and weekends
  • Duties will be carried out in a wide variety of settings (e.g. outpatients, clinics, , education settings and primary care venues).
  • Post holder will carry all equipment required for primary care clinics and groups, displays and training materials. This will include resources, scales and record cards.
  • Communication with and have direct contact with a wide variety of people, including health and social care professionals, patients, carers, commissioners and the public.
  • The post holder may have to deal with difficult situations relating to patients, carers and the public including isolated and depressed patients.
  • The post holder will be exposed to the working conditions associated with primary care premises and community venues. Regular journeys will be made by car for visiting primary care locations and community venues to deliver groups.
  • The post involves some lone working, e.g. assessment clinics, delivering groups
  • The post involves some working outside of office hours e.g. delivering evening


The Local Authority takes the issues of Safeguarding Children and Adults and addressing domestic violence very seriously.  All employees have a responsibility to support the Authority in its duties by;

  • attending mandatory training on Safeguarding children and adults
  • being familiar with individual and the local authorities requirements under relevant legislation
  • adhering to all relevant national and local policies, procedures, practice guidance and professional codes
  • reporting any concerns to the appropriate authority



 All employees have a responsibility to protect themselves, as well as making all reasonable effort to reduce risk of infection in their working environment and to other people whether they be patients, other staff or visitors. 

All staff have a duty to make themselves familiar with and comply with Infection Control Policies and Procedures, carry out duties required by legislation such as the Health Act 2008 (and subsequent legislation), and to attend mandatory training relating to infection control. 

This post is eligible for a DBS check under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (i.e. it involves certain activities in relation to children and/or adults) and defined as regulated activity under Part 1 of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 before the coming into force of section 64 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 on 10th September 2012. Therefore a DBS enhanced check (without a barred list check) is an essential requirement.

This job description sets out the duties and responsibilities of the job at the time when it was drawn up.  Such duties and responsibilities may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibility entailed.  Such variations are a common occurrence and cannot in themselves justify a reconsideration of the grading of the job.

Leicestershire County Council is seeking to promote the employment of disabled people and will make any adjustments considered reasonable to the above duties under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 to accommodate a suitable disabled candidate.


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